The Blog Hog

This is a drawing I did a few years ago. Much like the Mona Lisa, the hog's expression is somewhat of a mystery. I can't tell if I meant for him to be angry, bored, or nauseated. Now that I look at it more closely, it appears he is watching TV.

Speaking of TV, I just heard they cancelled Malcom in the Middle and That 70's Show. That should free up a few time slots for some new reality TV shows. Here's a few ideas I'm thinking of submitting to Fox:

SLAP HAND IDOL: Two contestants duke it out to see who can slap whose hands faster. Celebrity judges Dr. Dre, Rick Shroeder, and Donny Most from Happy Days round out the cast.

WHO WANTS TO WATCH ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: This should be an easy game to win. But no one will.

CHEESE FACTOR: Players eat various smelly cheeses... wait for it... WITH NO CRACKERS!

ALL STAR SUCKVIVOR: Based on a game I actually play with a friend, this would pit the worst Survivor contestants ever against each other on a deserted island. The catch to this version is that, instead of getting voted off every three days, Jeff Probst just leaves them there for a year or so and then returns with the camera crew to see who's left.

THE AMAZING RACE: DISNEYLAND EDITION: Teams of two try to see how many rides they can go on in one hour. I predict that, even though there's never a line at "Small World", every stupid team will get in line at "The Matterhorn" because it's a cool ride. Also someone should have to eat really hot soup. I'll let Fox work out the details there.

Well, I guess I'll just go home, set my Tivo, and wait for the royalty checks to come hurtling at me.

Also, I probably better buy a Tivo.


S.T. Lewis said...

This is good stuff. Instead of a "hog," I would call it a "wild bore." It's spelled that way on purpose, because he looks like he's watching the shows you suggested. I'd totally watch Suckvivor, though. "We're goin' gamblin'!"

Ken Chandler said...

I think with the "Amazing Race" idea, everyone who participates needs to dress up in a Goofy or Dopey costume. Cause they're probably goofy or dopey without the costumes, so why not have them dress the part?

Good luck with those royalties. And if the Amazing Race idea works out, I get a percentage. Right.

Anonymous said...

Your drawings are amaizing!!! I have a few questions:

1. how do you do smooth lines of the characters with photoshop's paths ? or with tablet?
if use tablet in wich program ?

2. Do you have a tutorial of the entire process ?