More Creative Fuel

Nothing special about the above drawing, other than it is a Peter Lorre fish that I quickly sketched a few years ago, and I wanted to post something today. Here are some of the new blogs that have been inspiring me lately. Hope you enjoy.

http://markmcdonnell.blogspot.com/ - Great art and variety! His lunchtime sketches are full of character.
http://stephensilver.blogspot.com/ - How can you not love Stephen Silver's stuff?
http://www.brentgordon.blogspot.com/ - Great character designs.
http://blogbattery.blogspot.com/ - Brandon Vietti is a talented storyboard artist and animation director who is currently working on "The Batman." Great stuff!
http://www.benbalistreri.blogspot.com/ - Cool space adventure? Check. Appealling character design? Check. Poultry? Double check.
http://shannontindle.blogspot.com/ - Shannon is currently character design supervisor for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. This is the kind of stuff I love... Solid character design with cool, unique shape.
http://kmann.blogspot.com/ - Best reason to check out this blog? Dark Crystal Animated!
http://raemccarson.blogspot.com/ - Great background designs.
http://hellboyanimated.typepad.com/ - Hellboy Animated. I need say no more.