The Mighty Whagon

Behold the mighty Whagon!
(Half killer whale, half dragon.)


S.T. Lewis said...

"Half killer whale, half dragon?" I'd say he's about 10% "dragon," 10% "whale," and 80% "killer." What a horrible nightmare you've created. Good work.

Afroman said...

Nice work (as always)!

I wonder what this thing feeds on...

Ken Chandler said...

Animators mostly. Or so I've heard.
Love that painted Whagon! Love that pun.
Beautiful work as usual Adrian.

Jason said...

I can see it now. "Free Whagon!" Rated PG-13. He's got a lovable fire-breathing thing going. He'll be fun to cuddle with by the campfire, after he's lit it!

Hey did you check back on my Bellagio. Wanted to know what you thought about the finished pro-duct. Thanks ace, and keep up the stellar stuff!