Illustration Friday: Superman is Awesome

This week's Illustration Friday subject was "Skyline", and I seized the moment. You'll notice the skyline behind Supes. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday of last week was "Super Tuesday", which meant there was about 70 jillion Superman DVDs released. If you're looking for a great Superfix, check these out:

Superman 1 & 2: Great performances by Margot Kidder and the incomparible Christopher Reeve. The best reason to watch the sophomore adventure, however, is the much overused line, "Kneel... Before Zod!"

Superman the Animated Series Volume 3: Superman's third season goes in a cool new direction, featuring Jack Kirby's "Fourth World" characters, such as Darkseid and the New Gods. Another shining moment is an outing in which Superman dons the Batman cape and cowl to fill in for Bruce, who has gone missing. Clark's impression of the Dark Knight is appropriately comical.

Have a great Fourth of July, my friends!


Ken Chandler said...

I have to agree Adrian. Of all the super heroes in comicdom (is that a word?) my two favorites have always been Spider-Man and Superman (in that order). There are thousands of heroes to choose from, and these two are incredible on so many levels. I mean what's not to love about a guy who can pick up an Aircraft Carrier? He embodies coolness!

And thanks for the update on Super Tuesday! I had no idea. Is that like a national holiday?

S.T. Lewis said...

I saw the new Superman movie today... liked it a lot. I still can't figure out how people are so important that they can't take a couple hours off from incoming phone calls for a movie... whatever. I love it when they study their glowing phone for four or five minutes. Apparently some people get text messages in complex code form. Morons.

Althought I liked the new Superman film, I really missed those three villains in leather. Remember that guy with the beard who totally blew? Which Superman movie was that? Classic!

My favorite superhero... Batman. Superman's cool too.

Adrian Ropp said...

Shane- I think there's also an unwritten rule that you have to sit in the middle of the front row so that everyone will get the glare. Maybe they're all doctors and they're on call...

The movie with the three bad guys in leather is Superman II. KNEEL... BEFORE ZOD!

Did you notice how Luthor's still obsessed with land in the new film? Quite hilarious, if you ask me.

Thanks for giving Supes a chance, pal. He appreciates it, and so do I.

Ken - Spidey and Supes are my top two, too. Check out those Superman and Justice League DVD's. They're the bomb.

Nora said...

Hi Adrian, thanks for the comment on my blog. Great stuff on here! The mighty Whagon is one of my favs, he actually looks really cute and cuddly, but deadly at the same time...I still wounldnt go anywhere near it :)

Yendorb said...


thanks for the post on my blog, I'd be honored to join your toon club. how do I do that?

Cez said...

waoooo beautiful...loks like him in the movie!!!! love your work!!!

Jeff said...

Great drawings here! Nice work!

Adrian Ropp said...

Hey, thanks everyone. I love Superman, and I'm glad y'all enjoyed my drawing.

trophiogrande said...

I like your version of Superman, very cool