On the Hunt for a Good Film

I remember back in my younger days, when 2D animation was considered "the bomb", I read an article in a movie magazine about Don Bluth's upcoming "Romeo and the Rockhopper." It seemed like a cool idea for a buddy movie, and I was really excited by the concept. Due to many sad circumstances, it was finally completed as "The Pebble and the Penguin", and was a critical and financial bomb. What a waste of a great idea and the talents of hundreds of people.

I get frustrated sometimes. So few animated films ever make it to the greenlit phase, it's a shame when someone in the production gets antsy and doesn't take the time to develop the ideas properly. One of the reasons I think John Lasseter is so successful is that he understands this concept... Story is King!

If your story isn't working... Fix it or move on! If your pacing is awkward... Don't be afraid to change things! If your storyboards don't work... Don't start animation!

It's so important to learn these principles, especially for an independent studio. How much more difficult is it to get funding for your animated film when the money men look at how badly the last cartoon bombed? Careless animation DEFINITELY has an effect on the industry, and there are too many talented folks working out there for us to ruin the industry with impatience.

Well, that's all. Thanks for letting me rant. Hope you enjoy the above penguin drawing, which I drew to make a wraparound mug for my new zazzle print shop. Had a blast doing it, too!

By the way, 2D is still "the bomb". Some people just forgot for awhile.


Jedulous said...

Adrian, you are a wise man. It's good to know somebody who knows so much about this medium. I read your "rant" three times. hopefully i've internalized it enough. why am I on the friggin' internet at 6:00 am? I need a life.

S.T. Lewis said...

So many fish... so many penguins... why is there not more violence? Also, you're lukcy this is for a mug, because it's a tad bit bottom heavy in this format. You should trim a little from the top, perhaps... unless it's a giant beer stein.

Nice rant... that's all.

Adrian Ropp said...

Trim a little from the top? Why, it looks perfect to me!

Just kidding... Thanks for the feedback, you can see the result now.

See? It pays to comment!

Kevin Keele said...

Very nice rant, I couldn't agree more. And your penguins are wonderful.

Andre Barnwell said...

Love the penguins Great stuff. Really like you u coloured the lines.

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

i havent been by in a while...im lovin the penguins:)

Ken Chandler said...

Penguins are naturally funny. Your penquins are hysterical! I love your designs Adrian. This is great!

Your rant is certainly insightful. I'm still in love with 2-D, and there will always be a place in my heart for animation too. They're both 'the bomb'!