Pigs is Pigs

Here's a DVD cover that was just approved for one of the projects I'm currently directing. The artist was just not getting anything to gel, so they let me take a stab at it. I drew all the character elements, and the background elements are Photoshop retouches of three separate backgrounds we have in our growing stock. It probably seems a bit bare in the middle of the shot, but that's where the titles will go.

This particular project is called "Pig Tales," and is a 13 episode, 22 minute animated series that we've been working on for several years. I'm really proud of the series... For it's price, it's a really high quality, hand drawn series. The series is going to be seen on TV in the U.S., but we're beginning to release the episodes, two at a time, on DVD to European markets.

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S.T. Lewis said...

This is a great cover, because it stirs up curiosity about the series. For instance, how did the gray and black bird lose a purple feather? Why is said bird wearing an umbrella on his head on a clear day? Or is it a clear night? How is it day and night at the same time? Why does that pirate have a chick on his head instead of a parrott on his shoulder? And above all, why does that pirate look like a pig? I hope all these questions are answered in the series.

A nice DVD cover, Adrian. How many times would you guess you've drawn these characters? Don't guess... it will just make you crazy.

Jedulous said...

It's really too bad the other cover didn't get picked. Microsoft could have used it as an exaple of what their Power Point software is capable of. Oh well. this looks really nice. Did you paint in the village and the castle?

DEW said...

This is great work Adrian! I love the expressions on the pigs! Makes we wonder what they are talking about!!

Ms. Baboon said...

As always, I love the piglets, they've been a part of our entire married life. In fact, I think they are part of our family forever now! What are they doing with that purple feather though? Hee Hee! Very nice cover! It is a HUGE improvement over the last one!

Ken Chandler said...

Nice to see that these projects are getting off the ground instead of being shelved (as seems to be the pattern). Nice cover too! I had fun working on the activity books. Those were the days!

Th. said...


I'm just happy to see handdrawn anything.