Remembrance Day

On that autumn morning five years ago, I was following my usual routine, driving to work. As I turned on the radio, I was disturbed to hear our local talk radio host announce that, apparently, one of the World Trade Center towers had collapsed. Then, just as he was starting to recap what was known about the situation, the other tower fell. I was concerned, saddened for the people in the buildings who would have obviously lost their lives. I wasn't horrified, however, until a half hour later, when the reality of the attack started to sink in.

I remember what those first hours were like. We all went home early from work to be with our families. Jennifer and I were glued, torturously, to the television, drinking in the happenings, wondering if there were other planes out there, somewhere, that might cause further damage. We were scared, confused, angry. We confirmed that everyone in our family was okay. Jennifer's parents were on vacation out of state, and we confirmed they were safe. They were able to rent a car to make their way home, since the planes were grounded.

I still have questions about the attack, I think most people do. I'm sad that our world has changed so much since then. I wish I could erase that extra bit of fear I feel every time I have to fly. But you can't turn back time, and innocence shattered cannot be rebuilt.

So I move forward, like so many of you, trying to compensate for the changes in our world. I cling to the fact that I love America. I love the United States with all of my heart, and I am proud to honor the memory of all the wonderful things this country was created to stand for.

My grandfather, who passed away two years ago, instilled so much of this in me. He spent a LIFETIME in pain from the World War II shrapnel that coursed through his body. And in 30 years, I never heard him complain about it once. He was a patriot and a hero. I would dishonor his memory if I did not stand up and speak of my love for this country that he gave everything for.

God Bless America.

To my international viewers, please know that I respect you and your beliefs, and this post is not meant to insult you. We will all be better off when we learn to live together, find common ground, and accept each other for the goodness in our souls. Thank you for your kind comments and support.


Jo Bling said...

The world has changed an awful lot in the last 5 years, and I'm not sure it's a safer place now either. The World remembered, yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow things can change for the better.

I believe sympathies are worldwide in this case.


DEW said...

Very well put Adrian! Very nice posting!

Ms. Baboon said...

I will never forget this day. I am so proud to be an American, and so thankful for all the other countries who have supported us in this tradgedy.