IF: Santa Doesn't Need Much Help This Year

Call me grouchy, but it seems like when I go Christmas shopping, there are an overabundance of unruly, apparently parent-less kids running through the store, screaming and leaving a trail of destruction.

So, I got to thinking that maybe Santa's "Nice" list has been getting a little smaller each year. In fact, most elves have probably been downsized. I don't know why Santa looks so upset in this picture... I'd be happy if I got Christmas Eve off.

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Pati @-;-- said...

hahaha... very clever idea, and yep, kids are terrible!

BTW, my youngest nephew is called like u, and he is gorgeous (like ur illo)! ;)

Michelle Lana said...

Hehee....great! Love it!!!

S.T. Lewis said...

Great designs, as always, Adrian. That elf cracks me up. The number of naughty kids in our world is going put a lot of elves out of work. The North Pole economy is going to tank. Good stuff, man.

BINO said...

cool characters ^^




"e" said...

Wonderful - and I love the idea behind it!

Roland Mechael said...

he he he, nice work!

Nate said...

Great one. Naughty Kids make the world go round...out of control. Love your style.

Jason said...

I noticed that too. My 1 year old daughter was looking around, then at me with the "should I be crying to?" expression. I like the artwork that acompanies the thought. There are so many versions of Mr. Claus that are drawn, it's nice to see another done well with some real personality. Happy Holidays,.....wahhhhhhhh!

Jedulous said...

At least there's not quota for the nice list. Then Santa would have to lower his standards, and you know he'd never do that! It does look like the elf is expecting a beating though. Like it's his fault.

AHawker said...

On behalf of all parents with wild children I offer an apology.

I do have to add, the congestion of "old farts" standing in the isle as they try to decide what cheap $2.00 pair of socks would be better for their 16 year old grand daughter, doesn't help the situation. In fact, my kids seem to think seeing the raising of the sock and dropping them in to the elderly persons cart is similar to the raising of the flag at the indianapolis 500. THAT'S when they begin doing laps around carts, racks, and the whole store in general at over 150 miles an hour. Where are those darn checkered socks???
Hey, uh, great pic. BER