Sketchy Penguin

What is it about penguins that make them so darned appealing to Hollywood nowadays? "Happy Feet" is killing at the box office, "March of the Penguins" is one of the most well received animal documentaries of all time, and "Surf's Up" looks very, very promising.

Things like this seems to come in tides. Anyone remember Antz and A Bug's Life premiering so close together? Or Volcano and Dante's Peak? Or Deep Impact and Armageddon?

Are we all somehow connected in a strange psychic-creative way? It makes no difference to me. All I know is, I drew a sketchy penguin, and I wanted to post him on my blog.

I call dibs on the next penguin movie!


Ms. Baboon said...

Very cute penguin! You have such an obsession with them right now, I'm not sure about you! Just kidding! I really think your penguins are cute and fun! I like your sketchy art!

S.T. Lewis said...

Nice sketch... nice penguin... nice artist... nice. What about "The Pebble and the Penguin?" Am I right? Penguin gold! Why is this penguin in black and white? That's a riddle. I already figured it out.

Larry Lee said...

Hey, don't forget Finding Nemo and Shark Tales.

Anonymous said...

Very cute penguin, you are quite talented! Any chance you'd want to do a sketch of a penguin in memory of our little angel baby? We had just started our nursery when we had a miscarriage (10-31-08) and the theme was black and white with penguins. We are planning for another baby and I'd like to keep the theme of penguins in his or her room. my email is erin@starlight-washington.org if you are interested.