Top o' the World, Ma-aaaa-aaaaaaaa!

Longhorn sheep are experts at perilously hopping across loose shale and tiny outcroppings along the side of a mountain. I read somewhere that, while plummeting off a mountain is a top cause of death in their lambs, the adult longhorns rarely lose their footing. I suppose it's the years of learning just how to jump and what kind of stance is required for balancing on different types of surfaces that make them so carefree and unfazed by their way of life.

I'm directing my first feature right now, and while I've directed smaller projects in the past, I still feel a bit like the little longhorn sheep learning his footing. Once in awhile, and I try not to do this as much as possible, I look down and get a little dizzy. But mostly I am hopping from ledge to ledge, making my way up the mountain toward my goal.

It's been a crazy journey for me. I've faced my share of proverbial mountain lions in the past year and a half. It seems like the higher I've climbed, the more dangerous and determined the mountain lions have become. As long as I trust my instincts and patiently work on perfecting my jumps, things seem to go pretty well. The problem now is that I'm nearly to the top of this mountain, and the movie's behind schedule, and there's forty mountain lions waiting for me at the summit, and one of my hooves is sprained, and I'm really bad at mixing metaphors.

The higher I climb, the further I can fall.

But the older longhorns keep telling me how beautiful the view is at the top.


S.T. Lewis said...

Wait... you're a sheep? You certainly do have a lot of mountain lions over there on your mountain. That's why I moved to a different mountain. All of our mountain lions were killed in an Avalanche! Oh... did you see what I did there? Fun.

Who are you kidding? The mountain lions aren't the problem. It's the producers and folks who are chasing you with rifles that you need to worry about. And this isn't a metaphor. RUN!

Tim Bye said...

That sheep is plotting something! Great picture! I'm sure your feature will be great - you have a great sense of humour - lots of artistic talent and obviously work hard - you can't go far wrong.

hada comedulces del bolso magico said...

Hi! I am venezuelan and I would like you to draw a fairie for me, I now that you dont now who I am but we can be friends!

You can talk to me en spanish, english or french!

hada comedulces del bolso magico said...

oh I'm sorry, I love your draws, they are awesome( sorry for my english)

EW said...

Mountain lions? Have those been jumping over the fences at Hogle Zoo as well? Then again, perhaps the penquin gods have been angered by all your celebratin'! Keep your footing and you'll be all right. And don't forget, you've got a great group of friends to help you reach the top.

Ken Chandler said...

After this many years in the industry I don't think you'll go wrong-footed Adrian. You've got the experience, and like e.w. said good friends to lean on, you'll be fine.

And as you get higher you also gain experience that you didn't have at the bottom. Great sketch by the way. That Longhorn is you my friend!

Ms. Baboon said...

You have what it takes to make it! You also have a great wife who will support you every step of the way! I believe in you honey! You'll be just fine!

C. Bennett said...

I just have to say that is one awesome goat. I love the confidence in his face.

Sian Cross said...

I really love your character designs, especially this one and the post showing your drawings that made up a model sheet, its great to see how it all starts. I'm a complete novice so it really helps to gain a little understanding of the processes a drawing has to go through to get to the finished product, if you have any more I'd really like to see them.

I'm just starting out on the ASIFA Animation Drawing Course online and am posting my efforts on my blog (although they show just how much of a novice I am!) and wondered if maybe you could take a look if you have the time and possibly give any advice or tips you may have, it'd be greatly appreciated.