Redhead Mer Boy

Here's a piece a did a couple of weeks ago for a story I'm developing. Basically it's a pre-visualized version of what a scene in this movie might look like. I had a lot of fun designing the seahorse, but, boy, are those things ever weird.

At any rate, enjoy... Thank you so much for your support and comments, they are always appreciated and keep me trucking along!


Richard Gaines said...

You have a similar spark to your co-worker Shane Lewis! I love your designs and the richness in which you imbue them with!

Have you ever done animation?

Hey, I almost forgot, but I was wondering if I could make a request for more of that sea lion character you did a while back. That was the coolest thing ever!

Marcelo Vignali said...

It's nice to check in on you. Fun stuff Adrian.

msbaboon said...

You already know I love this, but I'll tell you again, I love this! Also, you better hurry and get this story developed because I know a little girl who is anxiously waiting to hear how it turns out!

Cartoon Creators said...

Awesome stuff!!! Very cute. I like how you used the nice bright colors! Great work.

Ken Chandler said...

Adrian, I love how you set up these little scenes. As if they're stills from a movie. Incredible work!

And off the topic...
Tag! You're it!
Here's the deal, Mel Milton just tagged me and 6 other people (not sure who) and forced us at gun point to draw 7 sketches (topic of our choice) in any medium. Then post them on our site.

Then you have the unbridled pleasure of picking 7 victims (er...) friends to do their 7 sketches, and so on.

Kidding about the gun. Mel just posted a comment.
Have fun with it. I did.

S.T. Lewis said...

Sea horses are indeed weird creatures. I tried to draw one once, and I didn't have any reference for how they actually looked. I thought the one I drew was way off until I looked at a picture of one and realized they're just freaks.

Really nice image, Adrian. I am a fan.

Kloosli said...

Okay, okay, got to post here. Redheaded mer-boy. Not sure how to react to that one. Hopefully that is not some sort of attack on my people. When you were a kid up there in Idaho did you get the Boy's life magazine? I was not scouter but somehow I got the magazine... and it always intrigued me because in the back of the magazine they had random ads. There was always an ad right next to the build your own hovercraft ad there were mail order sea horses. I always wanted to find out if these were legit.

Nice drawing Adrian, as always, a big fan.

Alina Chau said...

Charming piece!!

Ghassan Lafi said...

realy lovely character, the personality of the boy is pushed out in his cheeks.
Keep the good work,