Holy Cow!

Seven Reasons Why Cows Are Cool

1. One Mouth, Four Stomachs
2. Valuable enough to trade for magic beans.
3. Their one accessory, the cowbell, can be used as a delightful percussion instrument.
4. Manatees are known as "Sea Cows." Bovines need no qualifier. (No one ever says "land cow".)
5. Revered by many worldwide for a variety of reasons.
6. Eaten by many worldwide in a variety of flavors.
7. Can be used as dowry. (Okay, maybe that's a little out of date...)


Tim Bye said...

Fascinating thoughts and tremendous picture!

Kactiguy said...

They also give milk and fertilizer.

Ken Chandler said...

I just want someone to figure out how to get chocolate milk directly from a cow-- they'd be my new favorite animal, right up there with Wolves in sheer coolness if they could get that sorted out.

Awesome drawing! And I love your list of why they're cool. Too funny!

adrian said...

Insightful and true!
Nice pic.

Penelope Crackers said...

Hey Adrian, thanks for commenting on my site. We loved that movie (Stardust). Glad you enjoyed it too. I really like your drawing and list. Too funny. #3 made me think of that old Saturday Night Live with Will Ferrell playing the cow bell reinacting "Blue Oyster Cult" recording their song "Don't Fear the Reaper". Too funny. Oh it's hillarious actually. Now I have to go see if I can find it on youtube. You've got a great blog here.

Penelope Crackers said...

Hey I found it on youtube. check it out. :)

Jason said...

Mahana you ugly! You remember Johnny Lingo? Mine is an eight cow wife. I traded old Bessie for her and I must say, the trade was worth it.

Great piece. Keep up the good work. Hope all is well with you these days. Oh, and did you hear about the pirate movie? It was rated Arrrrrrrrrrrrr. (hee, hee)

S.T. Lewis said...

How come this never came up on my Google Reader? This cow appears to have a hairy chest... which kind of creeps me out. I love the design. Nice lookin' cow, Adrian... as cows go.

msbaboon said...

She's such a cute cow!