Chillin' Halloween

Here's some penguins getting into the festive holiday season by sculpting a happy looking ice jack 'o lantern. I have always wondered why they are called jack 'o lanterns. Doesn't that mean "jack of lantern"? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to call them lantern 'o pumpkins? Maybe they're named after the Irish immigrant who first carved a toothy grin on a gourd. Here's to you, Mr. O'Lantern! Your creation will live in infamy!

Speaking of living in infamy, I now will since I can say I've met Mel. I'm not sure why he hasn't put the labels "nerd, weirdo, crazy" under the post of me posing with him. Maybe it's just because he's an incredibly nice and talented guy! Check out his web presences. (Prescenci?)

Mel Made - His coolio art blog.
Mel Meets - A photo journey through the madness of the animation industry.
Mel's Production Blog - I think you can figure out what you'll find here.
Toon Club - And, of course, you can find more of his great work on Toon Club!


adrian said...

You know I've always wondered the same thing. Who is Jack and why does he have his own lantern. It's right up there with Jack in the Box. Shouldn't it be Clown in a Box?
Lovely drawing none the less.

Ken Chandler said...

I think these penguins have the right idea, mix up my two favorite holidays, Halloween and Chistmas. Brilliant! Great post Adrian. Love it!

GhettoFab said...

heheheh a beauty of a post Mr Ropp Love the expression on these guys!

(And by actually stating that you know me now may have actually hurt you in the popularity poll. Just a heads up...)

Ken said...

love the illustration! you have nice characters hehe

S.T. Lewis said...

Oh, man - I thought I commented on this one over a week ago. How did I miss it?! I love it... good to see your penguin making a Halloween appearance. You never think about how penguins would celebrate Halloween, and that's a shame. Good stuff, man. Those are some cute little penguin chicks.

Tim Bye said...

Fabulous stuff!

Michelle Lana said...

HI Adrian. Sorry been missing my usual visits....great new stuff!

msbaboon said...

Your penguins are always cute! But combining them with my favorite holiday was AWESOME!! Good work honey!