Ric Estrada 1928-2009

I just received some very sad news. Ric Estrada, one of the most prolific comic book and animation artists in the industry, and a man that I consider both a friend and a mentor, has passed away.

I worked with Ric on a never-released direct-to-video series as his assistant director in the early 2000's, but he had previously worked on such classics as Johnny Quest, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Wacky Races, Captain Planet, and a plethora of others.

What I learned later is that he'd also had a profound impact on the comic book industry. Using his AMBIDEXTROUS DRAWING SKILLS, he cranked out literally thousands of pages for war comics such as Sgt. Rock, romance titles, and even brief stints on Batman, Wonder Woman, and the daily Spider-Man comic strip. At DC, Ric co-created the characters of Power Girl and Amethyst, among others. He received an Eisner Inkpot Award for Lifetime Achievement at the 2000 San Diego Comic Con.

Ric also had a rich personal history. A native of Cuba, he attended college at the same time as Fidel Castro. He moved to the United States on a sponsorship from Ernest Hemmingway! After traveling around the globe on many amazing adventures, Ric and his family finally settled in Utah for the remainder of his years.

By far the best legacy Ric leaves is his sweet, caring nature, his sincere concern and guidance toward those who needed it, and the lesson that life can be whatever you make of it. Thank you, Ric, for enriching me both personally and professionally. The things you taught me will never be forgotten, and I promise to follow the advice you once gave me: "Learn everything you can and pass it on."

When I go to Free Comic Book Day tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you.

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Aaron Ludwig said...

Definitely legendary. Thanks for letting us know.

EW said...

The few times I met Ric he was always gracious and happy to take a few moments away to say hello. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet him.

The Phoenix Farnsworth's Periodical said...

I wondered when this day would occur and I'm sad. But I'm also amazed at how long he did live and how much more he was able accomplish! He will certainly be missed and I'm a better person for knowing him.

Ken Chandler said...

He was a great artist, and still is a great man. Even though I knew him only briefly he really had an impact on the way I view art, and his 'paper is just paper' lecture has remained with me since our trip to visit Mark's studio in St. George. Awesome!

I'm sorry to hear the news, but grateful for his legacy, and having a chance to get to know him.