New Coloring Book Page

Thanks for all the great comments about the coloring pages. I've really enjoyed posting them here, and hope to keep it up for a while. (At any rate, it's nice to re-purpose artwork for my blog. I can be a little lazier and still post frequently.)

As everyone knows, D is for Duckling. It's also for Dog, Dolphin, Deer, Donkey, Dove, Dormouse, and Dinosaur. But I drew a duckling, so deal with it.

You know the drill... Click on the pic and print. Color with your box of 64 Crayolas. Stick on fridge. Repeat.


Ken Chandler said...

A dear duckling of this delectable design is destined to dethrone your detractors.

Your devoted denizen,

A.J. Bell said...

D is for Dodecahedron Duck. Don't know how that works, but its gotta be cool.

Sarah said...

*Yawn* I wonder when Adrian will post something new?