Pelican - Bird Rescue

I've been reading a lot lately about organizations that are helping to rehabilitate birds that have been injured (or rather, oiled) in the BP oil spill. One company that I've been impressed with is Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research.

I'm a big believer that part of what makes our planet a great place to live are the diverse and beautiful creatures that inhabit it. Beginning today, I'm featuring products with this pelican design at my Zazzle.com shop. All proceeds from sales of these items will be donated to TSBR&R. If you're so inclined or inspired, I invite you to either buy one of these items or donate to them directly.

Pelican - Bird Rescue Products

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Ken Chandler said...

A worthy cause. Hope things work out soon.
And a beautifully rendered Pelican!

Richtoon said...

A W E S O M E!!!