Cars 2 Reviews Start Rollin' In

It has been my absolute pleasure to work on the Cars 2 Video Game for the last two years.  Everything really just gelled and the final result is what I think it should have been...  A really fun multi-player kart game featuring the Cars cast.  The E3 Expo was last week, so we've started to get a lot of early reviews on the game.  Click on the links below to see what the critics are saying.  Cars 2:  The Video Game hits stores on June 21st.

GameSpot's Disney Booth Review (featuring Cars 2) 

VG Chartz Checks Out the Wii Version

Gamer Pops Review

IGN Review


Heather Dixon said...


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Balazs said...

Congrats, dude!

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Balazs from Budapest (if you still remember me... :-)

Adrian Ropp said...

Of course I do! Thank you, Balazs! I think you are one of the best animators around and I hope you're working on something great!