The Fan Art That Flaps in the Night

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the Disney ducks, and Darkwing is at the top of the list.  Ever since the show debuted in 1991, I've been (what some have called) obsessed with the exploits of Drake Mallard and his sidekick, Launchpad McQuack.

I found myself with a little free time recently and I decided I'd draw up a couple of D.W. fan art pieces.  Here's the first, and I'll post the other next week.


Aaron Ludwig said...

Awesome. Exactly on-model, as usual.

Heather Dixon said...

I love this.

I also love Launchpad McQuack.

And Webigail. She was a little bundle of cuteness.

Morgan said...

Darkwing Duck was one of the first series i was aware of as a franchise series. It was so, so good. I loved the episode where the yellow-evil copy version of him is created.

My older brother would draw darkwing duck comics on notebook paper and sell them- no kidding- on the school bus on the way to school. Good times!

Adrian Ropp said...

Heather, hope you enjoy my next post. :)

Morgan, Negaduck is awesome. I'm pretty sure he's coming to my blog soon. Stay tuned.

Ian Summers said...

Darkwing Duck! This was a childhood favourite. I'm not sure which I liked more. This or Duck Tales.