She's No Webigail!

Here's the latest in my obsessive Darkwing Duck fan-art exercise.  It's everyone's favorite junior Mallard, Gosalyn!  While some have criticized her tomboy-ish penchant for mischief and a voice that rivals Bea Arthur in gravel, I've always found her to be the perfect counterpoint to Darkwing's ill-equipped fathering skills.

Wherever you fall on the Gosalyn issue, you have to admit it's a great character design and a fantastic color scheme.  Huey, Louie and Dewey...  The days of monotone ball caps are over.


Heather Dixon said...

Hahha. The Bea Arthur comment made me laugh. This is adorable (in an adorable tomboyish way :D) <3

Mark MacKay said...

Adrian, these Darkwing characters are great. I watched this show while going to the Joe Kubert School of cartoon and graphic art. I loved that show, thanks for bringing back those memories!!