Buttercup Waits

This week's Toon Club topic was "The Princess Bride." I decided to draw a moment with beautiful Buttercup waiting for her Westley to return.

I'm presenting here an alternate version which I think I actually prefer. I think this Buttercup has a little more storybook illustration feel to her. But you can decide for yourself.

Have a nice weekend!


Jarrett said...

Man, this blog is pretty awesome. I love the storytelling! I'll come back often.

S.T. Lewis said...

Why is she wearing so many clothes? Just kidding. Very nice drawing, Adrian. I like the motion and shapes you got out of the hair and ribbon. You could easily use this again if we have Cinderella or Sleepin Beauty as a Toon Club topic... but don't.

Ken Chandler said...

She's beautiful Adrian! Great work as always.