Some Character Design Stuff

Here's some more character designs from that proposed feature pitch I've been working on. It's been a great challenge for me, as I haven't done that much work designing distinct humans like this. I'm fairly happy about the outcome. I'll post more as it is completed.


S.T. Lewis said...

There's a topless girl in your feature? She must work out. I love her beehive/mullet... wait. Is that a dude? Oh, man - now I'm kind of freaked out.

Just kidding, Adrian. What would a blog comment be without sarcastic attacks? It would be from someone else. These are nice... unlike me.

Ken Chandler said...

Cool character design Adrian! Though I find it funny that the shirtless guy is so embaraced about his hair. The Aztec dude is outta control! Cool cap! When they release this film, in about 15 years, it will be a big hit!

GhettoFab said...

Great designs Adrian! Would be cool to see these characters moving.

The gator and possum one is incredible! I love the expressions!! Youre the man

Salma said...

these are lovely adrian, all the work on here is kickass