Our cat, Isabella

Not necessarily the attitude that my cat usually has, but here's a drawing I was commissioned to draw by my beautiful wife, Jennifer.

Isabella has two modes... Nice mode for when she's around us and nasty mode when she's around company. We don't invite people over very often.

Have a nice weekend!


S.T. Lewis said...

All cats have two modes:

1) Non-social beast monster.
2) Property of delusional pet-owner.

This is a nice drawing of your beast monster, Adrian. You do some amazing stuff with weight and shapes. I love the shape of the body on this one, and the neck folds and stuff... you're a talented, delusional pet-owner.

Ken Chandler said...

Cute cat! I don't trust her. Terrific drawing! Hope she doesn't turn on you. Kidding!

Ms. Baboon said...

We are not delusional pet owners! Well, I guess we are :) I promise Bella is so cute and loving to us! But, she does hate everyone else. It's ok, 'cause we're the only ones who matter.