Why I Do It

These are my nieces, Taylor and Jordan, and they are wearing brand new t-shirts that Grandpa (my dad) ordered them from my zazzle.com shop. Dad sent me this picture that he took soon after giving them the shirts. The looks on their faces made my day, and I just had to share it with you!

In animation, we have one of the greatest tools ever created to make positive changes for our world. Uplifting stories of sacrifice, love, friendship and peace find their targets easily when accompanied by endearing animated characters. The real world dissolves away to reveal magical locales, beautiful princesses, just kings, brave knights and noble animals. Fairy tales aren't just stories when seen through the eyes of a toddler. They're palpable. They're real!

It would be naive of me to think we can shelter the next generation from the turbulent road we face as a race, but think of the advantage we gain in giving kids wonderful, honorable characters to emulate. And what if we show them that stories can have happy endings... That it's worth hoping, and working hard, and following your dreams?

I'm not in this industry for money, though making a living is definitely the only way I can continue. The reason I drag myself out of bed in the morning, the reason I push along on projects that seem neverending is because I believe in my heart that the work I am doing is going to make a difference in the lives of children, with their eyes filled with wonder and their luminous smiles. Somehow, some way, I know that drawing cartoons and creating stories that teach the values I hold so dear will have an impact on our future.

Tayler, Jordan, Sadie, Shantelle, Barrett, Joslynn and Tyler... Thank you for helping me to be a better uncle, and a better human being. I hope I can return the favor. Uncle "A" loves ya!

Hey, while I've got you here, here's some selected blog links from the kind people who visit my blog. Thanks for all the great feedback, everyone! (You can also find these links under the "New Discoveries" section of the sidebar.)

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Ms. Baboon said...

We do have the cutest nieces and nephews ever! Thank you for sharing a piece of your hear. I love you!

Ms. Baboon said...

that was supposed to say heart! ha ha!

S.T. Lewis said...

Evil lurking about every corner? Danger? Turmoil? What horrifying commentary! I wonder if it gets more positive as you read on. Well, no matter.

It's funny that kids are terrified of penguins and they consider them evil, but they still wear them on shirts when forced to by their grandparents.

(Having re-considered my comments, it is possible that I didn't fully understand all you said. I would read it again, but that "evil" part is a one-time read. It gives me nightmares... as do penguins).

Cute kids... cute shirts... man, I love trying to make cartoons!

Adrian Ropp said...

Shane, what are you talking about? Evil? You must be having a bad day.

GhettoFab said...

Heya Adrian,
I applaud your commentary. I know exactly how you feel.

I got into this biz cause I wanted to have my children know that you can love life and what you do. To always look for the positives and blessings everywhere.

When I lost my son I almost forgot that. Always nice to see passion in people, especially ones who share it with you.


GhettoFab said...

Your nieces are adorable as are those shirts btw

S.T. Lewis said...

Oh, yeah - re-edit what you say after I make a comment so I look insane. I look plenty insane on my own, sir - I do not require your help. It used to say all that stuff before you went and made it all uplifting. NOW I'm having a bad day. Okay, I'm better again. Glad that's over.

Ken Chandler said...

What a great picture of the girls. How rewarding to see your nieces wearing your t-shirts. What a great thing. Love that you've added the character into the photo too. What a riot! They look so happy to be wearing their funny t-shirts. Now I've got to buy some of my own shirts for my kids. Curse you Adrian for giving me the idea! Thanks for posting this picture.

Adrian Ropp said...

Mel - Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself. You help me aspire to be better.

Ken - You're such a nice guy. Thanks for your support.

Shane - You're crazy.

Michelle Lana said...

Hi Mr. Adrian Ropp, so very nice to meet you
and I love what you wrote about The Remembrance of Sept. 11. Thank you for adding our names to your list..
Your work is wonderful and very inspiring...Everytime I look at your sketches, I'm like..."Gosh, I need to practice on my drawings..." Your work inspires me a lot! Love your stuff and can't wait to see your post on IF this week! Take care! -Michelle

Jarrett said...

Thanks for the link, Adrian! It means a hellova lot! I just wanted to let you know that my blog has changed names and the new link is now http://jarrettyoung.blogspot.com

Thanks again! It's an honour.

Erin Behen said...

This is a very endearing entry to your blog and makes it clear that you are someone with a huge heart. You have a talent that not many are blessed with and it helps you to make the world a better place for our young ones and those of us adults who are still kids at heart. Cartoons help kids in so many ways, and you are right, they can be wholesome characters to help show kids the way the world should be. My life's work is also with children, and cartoons have played many roles over the years. The kids i work with are sick with life threatening conditions and are pretty amazing. I've learned more from them than I've taught them I'm quite sure. keep up the good work.