U. Otter

Otters are cool. They slide in the mud on their bellies, and don't subscribe to the heinous work ethic of their beaver cousins. This fella to the left is named Ulysses Otter, or U for short.

As in...

U. Otter... check out Toon Club's Star Wars entries!

U. Otter... make your way over to Avalanche Software's art blog! (I love those guys!)

U. Otter... watch the first episode of my friend Will's online TV show! He's so cool, even for an old guy!
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S.T. Lewis said...

Oh, the puns. Your blog is jumpin', man! There's new content every few minutes. This is nice deisgn... very graphic and simple and appealing and lovely and otterish. I agree... otters are cool. I love that your blog's so active now. Keep it up... but maybe go a little faster.

Joe Fowler said...

With his 'stach I imagine this guy talking like, "Hey dare, over dare!"

And thanks for the shout-out of the Will Show!

Ms. Baboon said...

I love your otter! I also love that you gave me the original print with another pun on it!