Illustration Friday: Gravity

Why, oh why, can penguins not fly?
They've got feathers and wings, it's not right.
Is it too much to ask
Is it too big a task
To grant fat little sea birdies flight?


David Colman said...

lovely animal designs on this blog....nice!

S.T. Lewis said...

I think pigs should be given flight before penguins. Penguins don't even want to fly. They want to do ballet, as you can clearly see in this picture. You draw lovely penguins, man.

Tim Bye said...

I love the background colours in this! The penguin is of course great also!

Michelle Lana said...

What a CUTIE :) great work.

Mac McRae said...

awesome work!

Ms. Baboon said...

Another great penguin! Very cute! I love the background colors and the little chunk of ice he's standing on!

Why It's Lame said...

Great stuff - we're looking to add visuals and cartoons to our blog. Maybe we could collaborate sometime.

Good luck,
Why It's Lame

Erin Behen said...

I love this one...very sweet and the poem says it all! Thanks for responding about my penguin sketch request. :)

Kei Phillips said...

You have a wonderful blog. im really glad i found it! :)
I'll stop by again soon. :D