The Walrus and the Carpenter

Here's the composited final picture for this week's Toon Club topic. I had a lot of fun with this one, and I was humming "The Time Has Come" from Disney's Alice in Wonderland for most of the week.

I'd also like to send a hearty thank you to Michelle Lana, who is featuring my blog on HER blog this week. Michelle's a very sweet and generous illustrator, you should go check out her blog now! Make sure you bookmark it, she updates all the time!

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S.T. Lewis said...

You were wrong... I didn't enjoy those other posts. Just kidding. They're as nice as they were when you originally posted them.

I love this Walrus and Carpenter one! The oysters are great, and so is everything else. You do inspiring work, my friend.

Michelle Lana said...

Love the walrus, adrian! Thank you, Adrian, for inspiring me to draw always. Take care.

Tim Bye said...

Great to see the walrus in context! Wonderful picture - you have some serious skill

animationGiant said...

Thanks for visiting my site Adrian! The walrus rocks!

Adrian Ropp said...

Thank you, everyone. I had an absolute blast drawing this one. It's been so nice to get back into drawing again.

Kloosli said...

I am absolutely loving the latest batch of work you have done. It is really fun to see the full development with backgrounds and all. You da man.

Ms. Baboon said...

I really like this one! The colors are beautiful and the oysters are great!