Forgotten Villains

From the lost archives of the police files comes the worst, least effective supervillain team that time forgot.

Devil May Care - Arthur J. Deville, former city safety inspector. A tragic anvil accident drove him insane. Now he runs amok, keeping library books past their due dates and shunning the social norms.

DanDruff - One time astronaut boyfriend of the superheroine Shampoo Girl, Dan Druph returned from a space mission with a disgusting new power. Tragically, their relationship could not withstand the opposing forces pulling them apart.

Kolonel Kindling - By day, he's the toast of society. By night, a pile of sticks. And he's got a MONACLE!!!

Salmon Rushity - He's a fish that runs fast. Yeah.

Coupon Clipper - Gertrude Grosher never dreamed her thrifty, frugal nature would lead her into perhaps the least successful career as a crime boss ever. After spending twenty years in jail for passing off fraudulent coupons, she's back with a vengeance. Buyer beware!!!



jerry said...

lovely cartoon adrian, nice to see your blog...

nicole falk said...

haha this is fantastic!

Craig Mackay said...

Fun work! Really nice stuff.

S.T. Lewis said...

You should dedicate at least an hour each day to designing lame superheroes and even lamer super villains. These are classic, man!

Ken Chandler said...

I'm constantly in awe of your idea generating mind, and your ability to put those ideas into hilarious reality.