Don't Mess with the Alley Cat

Here's a congenial kitty left over from my doodles for Toon Club's "Cat" topic. Unlike my original feline, this guy's a bit more rough around the edges. Like any good alley cat, he's got a growly attitude, a couple of wayward teeth, and just a hint of what could be mange.

What other animal do you know who can not only survive, but thrive on the mean streets of the city? Living on fish bones and melon rinds, the alley cat is the MacGyver of the animal world. Add to that the cool factor of their penchant for jazz music, and you'll see the alley cat is worthy of our fear and grudging respect.

Unlike Sandra Bullock.


Heather Dixon said...

It kinda looks like your cat. When she looks at me.

Tel Coelho said...

Great blog!!!!
your animals are funny!!kkk
I like it!

Kris said...

I love that cat's expression. haha! Great stuff. Lovin' your blog. ^_^

S.T. Lewis said...

HA! Take that, Sandra Bullock! Way to keep that gag a runnin', sir. I like this cat, and as you know, that's saying a lot.

Michelle Lana said...

oooh, nice one adrian! love it!

Anonymous said...

oooo it's beautiful!