Top Ten Reasons Cats Rule

I am a cat person, and proud of it. Even while taking hits from my pal S.T. Lewis about it, I cannot deny my favoritism for pets of the feline persuasion. Here's my Top 10 reasons that cats rock.

10. Much like Sandra Bullock after a bad movie role, cats always miraculously land on their feet.
9. Retractable claws, just like Wolverine!
8. Sometimes, cats are born with six-toed paws!
7. Revered by Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt.
6. Can be legally given a catnip "high" for fun and amusement.
5. Equal parts friend and predator.
4. Some cat species need 18 hours of sleep a day. How do I get THAT job?
3. The fastest land mammal on Earth is a cat.
2. They use their whiskers to navigate through tight spaces. Try that, Wilford Brimley!
1. Cats have too much self respect to "fetch".

Thanks for hearing me out... I think the list is purrfect, and I'm glad you didn't go cat-atonic reading it!


paperflower said...

Hey, I like Sandra Bullock! Also, I love this kitty! Cats do Rock!! Your list definitely explains why! I could add they are the best cuddlers when they want to be too! Nice work honey, and don't listen to that Shane person, he doesn't know what he's missing! LOL!!

B Beach said...

Your list is pretty persuasive but I still hate cats - probably the allergies. But I LOVE this illustration, nice job as always!

S.T. Lewis said...

What is this? How dare you mention me in a post about cats? Also, thanks for the link. My responses to your list:

10 - Also like Sandra Bullock, cats are annoying, and I can't figure out why they still have an audience.
9 - Just what everyone wants... Wolverine climbing on their new couch.
8 - Sometimes people are born with two heads... which doesn't keep "people" as a whole from sucking.
7 - Cats were probably cool in ancient Egypt... as were a lot of practices that are now considered terribly absurd and outdated.
6 - Note to self: contact PETA.
5 - Because they play with their food? Cats are only your friend if they want something from you... much like Sandra Bullock.
4 - If laziness rocks, I'm Aerosmith.
3 - Big cats are awesome... I'll agree with you there, even though that's not the argument you're making.
2 - I use my eyes to navigate through tight spaces. Take that, Wilford Brimley!
1 - "Self respect" is just a fancy way of saying "damnable pride." And I'll give you that... cats are full of it.

Thought I can't condone your use of puns, this drawing is absolutely wonderful! You're a talented man, and as robots would say, I'm glad to know ye. Also, I don't hate cats as much as I claim to, but I love making a case against them. Thanks for the opportunity.

Adam said...

I'll not only laugh at but agree with reasons 2-10, but I must say that #1 isn't always the case as I've got a 11 month old (Or-E) who plays fetch like a champ! She'll chase down and return a number of her toys from across the house when thrown, over and over again until she tires of the game...at which point she'll hide the toy in play so that it can't be tossed again.