Outfoxing the Weasel

Foxes and weasels, two mammals who share a common bond. Their names are sullied every time we humans claim someone is "crazy like a fox" or "weaseling their way out of something." Who do we think we are, applying less than glowing traits to some of nature's most noble and intelligent creatures? Poor fox has enough trouble on his hands explaining to people that he's in the dog, not the cat, family. And weasel... Well, let's not even get into the slander lawsuits he's got pending over at Disney.

Instead, I suggest we leave poor fox and weasel alone and focus our attention on more important matters. While we've been busy piling our contempt on these beautiful mammals, the reptiles have slowly been infiltrating our blogs. They've been very sneaky about it, too. At first, they sent in their spies to assimilate into large groups. Then, they began their "accidental" attacks on mammalian kind, just to keep us in check. And finally, they've started to appear out in the open, even on blogs that are named after primates. Can you believe the audacity? Can you?

It's time we stop this madness and send those cold blooded cretins running! We have to stop belittling other members of Class Mammalia and face the task at hand... Saving our blogs!

After all, are we men or are we mice?
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S.T. Lewis said...

I love the weasel... the fox is great too, but there something very charming about the weasel. He's clearly not all there... maybe that's it.

"Fox" and "weasel" aren't always bad. Consider, "Man, she's a total fox." And what about, "That restaurant has the most delicious weasel." Don't forget those.

Lovely drawing, sir. Very nice.

Collin said...

Thanks for the comment on my illustration! It's really cool that you like my style. That made my night.

Where does – or will – Pig Tales air, and when is The Velveteen Rabbit going to come out? My daughter LOVES rabbits.

GhettoFab said...

sparkling commentary to go with the immacualte pics Adrian! Loved goin through the links. Thanks for the hearty fun!

Ms. Baboon said...

Very clever with the links! I agree with Shane, I think fox is used for as many positives as negatives, but I love you anyway! Nice drawing honey!

Adrian Ropp said...

Shane - I'm embarassed! I forgot about the whole delicious weasel thing. But I think Pauly Shore still ruined "weasel" for everyone. Thanks for your comments.

Collin - Velveteen Rabbit is optomistically schedules for a U.S. theatrical release Christmas 2007. Pig Tales has not aired yet, the first season is just finishing up production right now. I can't share more info on where it will be seen yet, but if you stay tuned here I will reveal it as soon as I'm allowed to.

Mel - Why, thank you! I hoped someone would enjoy the links. :)

Ms. Baboon - Typical! You always liked Shane better!

Jo Bling said...

Heya Adrian

Aaaahhh, the age old fox/weasel debate brought spinning into the noughties! :-D VELVETEEN RABBIT, I remember the book from ages ago, indeed I also know it was mooted as a stop motion film about 10 years ago too (I know as I was semi-involved in discussions). Should be wonderful I'm sure, very best of luck with that my man. Do stay in touch mister!


Ginger*:)* said...

Adrian, it is wonderful. I am impressed by the lighting and by your pointed comments in favor of foxes and weasels. Don't you also want to include the mongoose? After all he is a reptiles worst enemy.


I think the piece is very well done. The environment is very realistic but not so much that the animated looking characters look out of place in it. The pink and blue colors play off eachother very nicely. One thing that could be different is the soft blended edge between the white and brown of the foxes tail. All the other edges in the character are hard except that one. It seemed to throw it off a bit. Maybe the edge could be a little harder. Other than that, its dang good

Piotr said...

I love the animator's style of drawing, and you have it! I wish I could draw like this someday.

Pati @-;-- said...

Absolutely breathtaking! I love ur illos, Adrian :)

Anonymous said...

I totally love this illustration. it gives me the feeling of Disney. Very well done.

Brian Beausoleil

Michelle Lana said...

Great one!